Our client had designed a re-usable temporary door handle which he was 3D printing.


Bedroom Plus

What we did


3D print prototypes.

Manufacture tool.

Injection mould parts.


Home improvement


Shorter production time vs. 3D printing and reduced plastic material.

When homes are built, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinet doors are often installed without handles which are added at a later date. That causes problems if doors need to be opened in the meantime.

Our client had designed a re-usable temporary door handle which he was 3D printing. His idea proved popular with the industry to the point where he couldn’t keep up with demand and required a professional injection moulded manufacturing solution, at scale.

He turned to Melton Plastics for help.

We worked with the client to make some changes to the original design in order to make it suitable for injection moulding. We also reduced the overall amount of plastic involved in the product, making it more sustainable and reducing the cost.

Once the new design had been approved we created a tool (mould) and manufactured and supplied the finished products. The customer is now able to meet growing customer demand and sells the product via his website and on Amazon.

This work is another example of Melton Plastic’s client focused attention to detail and our ability to offer a complete range of services from assisting with design, through prototyping and testing, to tool development and then manufacturing.

Our spirit of innovation and background in bringing products to market makes us an attractive choice for small companies with great ideas, looking for a UK based manufacturing partner.

Design it - Mould it - Assemble it - Ship it.