The extensive expertise and materials background of our staff and our commitment to continuous improvement means we’re always innovating and investing in the latest manufacturing equipment, CAD/CAM and systems software.

Injection Moulding.

With over 40 years of experience, our diverse range of machines with part weights from 0.3 grams to 1.2 kilos and capability of processing a wide range of thermoplastic materials, we can offer you an injection moulding service to fit your application needs.

By working with a UK plastic manufacturer you will benefit from our highly skilled technical specialists who can offer solutions for your plastic moulding needs in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Our plastic moulding facility in Scotland has an in-house toolroom equipped with modern CNC machinery and CAD/CAM software.

Supported with experienced toolmakers to provide a comprehensive range to services from mould tool design and manufacture, precision machining, manufacture of jigs and fixtures, tooling modifications and routine maintenance and refurbishment of tools.

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Secondary Operations.

Once your plastic products have been moulded we offer Secondary Operations, which include decorative technologies such as Hot-Foil Stamping and Pad Printing. Where plastic parts require extremely high dimensional tolerances we can also offer secondary Precision Machining components.

In addition, to these secondary operations, we have invested in new equipment for assembly of brass inserts in plastic moulding, using; self-tapping brass insert drivers and heat staking machines.

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Product Assembly.

To complete the production process and provide a one-stop fulfillment solution, Melton Plastics offers part assembly, packaging through to distribution to your end destination.

We can source a wide range of other parts in your bill of materials (BOM), including screws, springs, magnets, inserts, tapes, packaging, etc., and assemble complete 'retail-ready' finished products.

Ask about our complete finished fulfilment service and warehousing capabilities. Melton Plastics offers an end-to-end design and manufacture process which can include packaging and labelling so that your products are truly ‘retail ready’.

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