This product is a container which is used to manufacture treats for horses. It’s used in the equine industry to relieve the horses’ boredom.



What we did

Part design.

3D printed prototype.

Prototype and production injection moulding tool.

Mould parts and supply.


Equine Industry


Reduce single use plastic while reducing customer costs.

The client approached Melton Plastics despite a longstanding relationship with another injection moulding plastics company and set us a challenge:

Could we use our innovation and design expertise to reduce the amount of single use plastic in the product’s packaging?

The previous product was an individual sealed unit containing a single use plastic container. Our team worked with the client to develop a re-useable container which can be refilled with treats for horses. Once the treats set, they could be demoulded and the container reused for manufacturing more treats.

It’s not entirely plastic free but our innovation has reduced 300,000 single use plastic containers a year to about 40,000 reusable items with a 3-4 year lifespan.

It’s also saved the client money on production and distribution. The Melton Plastics team worked across every aspect of this process.

We began by understanding the design requirements, listening to the customer and making sure we were clear on the brief. We then designed the product and supplied 3D printed prototypes, which was followed by a prototype injection moulding tool to allow the customer to fully test their new packaging system. Once the client gave the go ahead, we manufactured the production injection moulding tool and went into went into manufacture and supply mode.

Design it - Mould it - Assemble it - Ship it.