The handle is often the finishing touch to a stylish new kitchen.


Sustain (Scotland) Ltd.

What we did

Design advice for moulding.

Manufacture moulds.

Injection mould parts.

Assembly - including component sourcing and heat staking brass insert.




Home Improvement


The customer achieved an attractive, customer ready product: H-Jig the handle jig for kitchen installers.

Our success is built on honesty and transparency. We see our customers as a partner. At Melton Plastics we are able to use our industry knowledge and experience to highlight issues with our customers product other injection plastic moulding companies might ignore.

The original version of this kitchen handle installation aid while functional was not aesthetic to drive product sales.

Rather than rush into production, Melton Plastics had a dialogue with our client where we explained that in our experience, the product would struggle to be accepted by consumers.

We collaborated with the client and a Glasgow based design company in an effort to improve the original design.

We led those discussions, sourced all the component parts for the product, such as brass inserts and thumb screws, developed a prototype which was extensively tested and produced a tool (or mould) which is used to create the new and improved, final product now on sale and known as ‘H-Jig’.

This project serves as a great example of the power of collaboration and what can be achieved when you choose a truly client focussed injection plastic moulding company such as Melton Plastics capable of the complete end to end process.

Design it - Mould it - Assemble it - Ship it.