In the post COVID world, there’s a huge appetite for clever products that keep our world clean and safe.



What we did

Design advice for moulding.

Manufacture moulds for 9 plastic parts.

Sourcing components.

Injection mould.


Point-of-sale packaging.

Warehousing support.


Public Health


Attractive, well-engineered and manufactured self-cleaning handle.

Our customer developed an innovative patent protected door handle that self-disinfects automatically and continually to be safe every time that it’s used.

This unique product presented numerous technical and manufacturing challenges which required true collaboration with our customer, the product design agency and manufacturing expertise from the Melton Plastics team.

At our first meeting, our customer had a working prototype, but it needed to be developed further as a true consumer product. Using our network of contacts, we put the client in touch with a major Scottish design company who re-designed the product making it suitable for injection moulding, developing the aesthetic appeal whilst keeping all the functionality.

The assembled door handle product includes a removable bottle containing the disinfecting fluid with a metal core and fixings, screws and bolts, and marketing labelling, all inside the clean touch surface casing. We worked with our client, sourcing some components ourselves, assembling and manufacturing the finished product.

“ Melton Plastics controls every aspect of what is an intricate assembly line involving several, very detailed, small parts. The whole process from design to completion took around 15 months with an order of 2,000 units completed in under 6 weeks at our factory in Scotland.

The end result represents a genuine innovation and we’re very pleased to play a part in bringing this product to fruition. ”

— Azam Khan, Managing Director, Melton Plastics

Design it - Mould it - Assemble it - Ship it.